Dream Tips

You will spend, on average, 6 years dreaming* 

Dream Tips

  • Are you a key part of the story?

Then the dream is about you.

  • Are you an onlooker?

Then it is about the person/ situation you are observing in the dream

  • Recurring Dreams – show a long term issue in your life

They sometimes contain keys to help solve the issue. Then the dream will stop

  • Dreams process and reflect the things we are going through. They often contain reassurance and help

*The Times Feb 28 2009 Dr Naiman Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine of the University of Arizona

Really Common Dreams and their meanings

Teeth falling out or becoming loose – a sign that there is a lack of ability to understand/ realise something

  • Wisdom teeth missing/ falling out – You are losing wisdom about something in your life.

Falling – Some part of the dreamers life is out of control/ or the dreamer feels anxious because they are losing control.

The Dreamer is back in school taking a test – Something important wasn’t learnt earlier – in order to deal well with what is happening – there are things that the dreamer needs to learn/ be taught.

Helpful Hints – ask the giver of the dream to help you to realise what it is that you need to learn to help you through this stage in your life/ or to move ahead. (This depends on your worldview – we would ask God)

Dreams of Spiders: Something the person/ family is involved with is negatively affecting his or her life. They may feel trapped. This commonly comes from 2 areas – negative spiritual activity will detract from your life, or spoken words which are having a powerful negative effect on your life.

Dreams involving vehicles – these have to dowith what you are doing in life/ created to do and your current purpose in life.

  • 4x4 – tough vehicle, able to handle rough terrain. You are very capable with plenty of resources/ power – able to take passengers with you safely
  • Bicycle – doing something in your own strength
  • Boat – you are made to be at with spiritual things (‘water’ represents spirit)
  • Flying vehicles – there is a spiritually gifted element to your life

Bathroom Dreams

  • Toilet – an area of your life needs cleaning out/ getting rid of waste products from past relationships/ seasons
  • Is your toilet blocked? – then cleansing isn’t happening.