Vehicle in dreams

Vehicles in visions and dreams represent the role that the dreamer has in life. 

Driving a large bus or train, indicate that you are in charge of a large organisation. 

Driving a small car, represent your own life or job 

Riding a bicycle, can represent freedom and flexibility or the fact that you lack power in you life role and its taking a lot of effort. 

ask are you driving? if so you are uncharge. 

Are you in the passenger seat? if so your are helping. 

Are you in the backseat? of so you are part of the organisation. 

What colour is your vehicle? check out the colour chart below for possible suggestion about the colour of your vehicle.

Is it red, which can mean you have a very powerful mode of operation, strong and powerful role in life. 

If you have a red Ferrari, this suggests a very powerful role in life. 

If you have a red 4x4, this suggests that you can take your powerful roel into difficult 'terrain' and still achieve to a high level.

Vision Exercise 

Send in your vehicle vision and we will put them on the website with a full interpretation. Click Here to send them in

Step 1 

ask God to show you the picture in your minds eye, or point out a literal vehicle that you see on your day, the idea of a vehicle or a dream involving a vehicle that has you in it.

Step 2 

Answer the question about what you see. What does it show you about your life. 

Vehicles and colours

Below are positive colour and vehicle suggestions.