Understanding the dreams you dream - Types of dream

There are three categories of dreams that your dreams will fit into. 

Which category of dream does your dream fit into? 

1 - Life processing dream

Processing your emotions and current life events, your feelings and emotions. This is the voice of your soul is speaking in your dream. It is important to listen to this voice because it is show us things to help us deal with our life and our feelings in a healthy way. 

2 - Revelation dreams

Dreams are a thin place where information appears in our dreams that is news to us. One of the most common things we are asked about is why did I dream what was about to happen, my dream came true and it really freaked me out. 

snap shots from the future can be simple foretelling or warning dreams. Part of our learning curve is understanding how to deal with these dreams. It is a historically recored fact that Abraham Lincoln told his wife 4 days before he was assassinated that he dreamt that this would happen. 

Dreams which comfort and encourage us are another kind of revelation dream. One our dreamers had a beautiful revelation dream after the death of her mother where she was comforted and received messages in the dream which brought her heart to peace in a difficult time. 

Dreams also contain direction, Einstein said that he dreamt the Theory of Relative in a dream.

3 - Nightmares

These dreams can be sent from negative spiritual sources to bring fear and intimidation. we don't interpret these dreams literally, but rather implant in their place, love and peace for the dreamer.

To stop nightmares, look at our creating a healthy dream space blog 

Trauma nightmares are a separate kind of nightmare which recur after a traumatic event in someones life. The soul is attempting to process what has happened, sometime long ago. 

Great care and compassion is needed when interpreting this kind of nightmare. DO NOT comment on the content, as you can risk re-traumatinsing the person. Instead gently comment that this must have been a difficult dream to experience and that sometime the soul raise issue that we need to talk about to a qualified listener or a trusted person.