Ship in a Stormy Sea


I was watching a big sailing ship, with its sails full up, pitching and tossing on a stormy sea. People were trying to hold on with ropes, others were falling off into the sea. The ship didn't slow down. Around the ship were a series of smaller boats. and they were rescuing the people that had fallen off. I was on one of the smaller boats that were picking people up. 


A big organisation is intent on its progress through a difficult time. it isn't slowing down to take account of those being affected by the situation and people are being lost. you are clearly aware of this situation and along with others are showing more care for the individuals involved. 

the ship is in full sail which suggests that the people running the large organisation are more intent on the situation as a whole and maybe under pressure leaving people vulnerable. In sailing terms they need to bring down their sails so that the boat steadies and people are not lost. 

Your care and concern for the people involved, may well lead you to be judgemental of the larger organisation and their failings. They too are coping in difficult conditions.