180 is peace


This very busy business woman was feeling very overwhelmed at work and at home and then she had this dream


I was walking down a lane to a retreat centre.I had been very stressed and was longing for retreat. I arrived and we were all taken to our own individual room for a retreat.In my room was a worship band who were playing loud rock music – lots of electric guitars.I was watching them in disappointment; they made me feel even more stressed!Then a mature father type man sitting quietly in the back of the room said to us:“Why don’t you try it like this?” and he sang softly “One hundred and eighty degrees is peace.”Then he turned to me and said “even 90 degrees is a step in the right direction.”


This dream suggests you've been feeling stressed and distracted.
But that God is watching you and caring deeply enough to draw your attention to His help and care.As you do, you will focus on His help and the things around you will no longer distract you from a sense of rest and love.
This is a process which you can gently begin now as you rest.
Interpretation Hint:
Use your voice to bring a sense of calm and peace.