Gossip Dream


Two of my friends had recently split up when I had this dream.


My two friends who were in a relationship were sharing a bed upstairs. Someone killed the male friend and there was a big 'who did it?' The killers are then found and they birth twins.

I am then shopping with another friend, we are discussing animal ethics. We then go to Waitrose; my friend approaches the subject of gossiping, I said I wasn't prepared to gossip about my friends. My friend was playing with his hair and he said he might get it all cut off, I said it would look bad. I noticed he had a large silver tongue piercing, but his speech was unaffected by the bulkiness of it.


This dream is very interesting. It really shows a caring heart. It also demonstrates the dynamics within the friendship group. 

The main theme in the dream is the assassination of character, this is shown in the supermarket aspect of the dream.

The fact that it is said that the male friend would look bad if he cut his hair, demonstrates a loss of attractiveness as a person through the act of gossiping. This is where we see the effect of gossip on people's ministry.

Teaching Points

This is a confusing dream but knowing the context and the repeating themes of gossip, assassination of character and the negative effects this can have on your attractiveness as a person and your ministry, we can see a hidden, insightful meaning.