Comforting Dream


 I had this dream just after my mum died


In my dream I was sitting in my own sitting room and I was crying because my mum had died. My gran was comforting me, and telling me that everything was going to be alright. In the dream I was comforted and felt a real warmth, but I was also aware that I thought it was strange that my gran was there, because she was dead, was really my mum.


This dream is a comforting dream. 

The dream was sent to comfort you in that very difficult time. You were aware of the up to date context of the dream - your own living and the fact that your gran wasn't really your gran because she wasn't with you anymore. 

In dreams we often see the giver of dreams using symbols to show us something and the symbol he used to comfort you here was your gran. He used her to symbolise his love and care and desire to to comfort you when you are in need.